Anybody who wants to get rid of the excess fat in his/her body must rely on a weightloss product that will facilitate fat-burning. Prime Shred is one of the newly introduced advanced products that will intensify the process of fat burning and enable the person to considerably improve his/her performance at the gym. Read this Prime Shred Review Before Buying!

As a result of the rapid fat-burning induced by Prime Shred, the user enjoys the comfort of losing weight. Simultaneously he/she improves his/her physical strength and clarity of mind. Better health – physically and mentally – is the first and foremost benefit one will get from Prime Shred. Those who used Prime Shred for their weightloss mission agree that trimming the body by getting rid of the excess fat is no more a tedious task. Moreover, body-trimming is not the only advantage one can have from Prime-Shred. Prime Shred makes your life more comfortable and more purposeful than it used to be till a few days back. Fat body will make one’s life miserable. Obesity leads to various health issues. Hence it is very important for all those having excess body weight to get rid of the accumulated fat in their body at the earliest. Prime Shred is the most ideal product because it accelerates the process of fat burning. But, that is not all!. Prime Shred brings you a basket full of longstanding benefits – vividly better physical and cognitive functioning, more active life, higher mood levels and the feeling of filled stomach always so that you won’t rush for your snacks every now and then. Prime Shred is the weightloss product for men and women. However, pregnant women, women who are likely to get conceived shortly and those who are currently nursing are not supposed to take Prime Shred supplement. Those who take Prime Shred will lose excess fat and start working more but maintain correct body weight.

Thermogenic action of Prime Shred

MuscleClub Limited, the promoters of Prime Shred promise that Prime Shred enables the users to burn-off their excess fat through stimulated thermogenesis. The thermogenic action of Prime Shred has made it a very powerful promoter of fat-burning. The users are able to achieve significant fat reduction within few days. In addition to that Prime Shred ensures improved metabolism, makes your body completely free of the hard fat that was stored in the body for a long period and enables the body to gain higher levels of energy. The accumulated hard fat is broken down with the help of specific hormones. Prime Shred facilitates secretion of more quantity of these hormones so as to intensify the fat-burning process. Those who could get rid of their excess fat by consuming Prime Shred experience considerable improvement in their mental concentration. They get the ability to concentrate more as and when their brain gets sharper. Prime Shred effectively removes brain fog and as a result the brain gets sharper. Another exciting benefit of Prime Shred is that this weightloss pill reduces your blood sugar levels and harmful cholesterol levels. Prime Shred makes your body shredded and ripped. Prime Shred simultaneously releases the excess fat hidden in the cells, activates metabolism and facilitates thermogenesis. In other words, more energy is utilized as a result of intense fat-burning. Thermogenesis facilitates reduction of tiredness and consequently the person will do more exercises. When you do more exercises you will not only lose more weight, you will also maintain the correct body weight.

How to get the best results?

All those who followed the recommended dosage for Prime Shred are assured of the best results. Three tablets of Prime Shred a day will get you the desired result. You may take the first tablet immediately after waking up in the morning, Immediately after waking up you may not eat something. You may take the first tablet when your stomach is empty. Hence see to it that you take the first tablet before 20 – 30 minutes prior to your first food of the day. After 2 – 3 hours you may take the second tablet. The third tablet should be taken 3 hours before going to bed so that your sleep will not be affected by the caffeine content of the tablet. One can take Prime-Shred tablet daily irrespective of whether it is training day or off day.

About the ingredients of Prime Shred

Prime Shred is the product of a unique formula. Interestingly, only purely natural ingredients are used in this formulation. These natural ingredients make Prime Shred such a powerful and at the same time 100% safe weightloss supplement. All the ingredients are scientifically tested and their effects are well proved. Each ingredient of this tablet has a specific role to perform in the body. Prime Shred contains 8 natural ingredients – Green Tea Extract, DMAE, L – Tyrosine, Green Coffee, L – Theanine, Vitamin B Complex, Rhodiola Rosea Root and Bioperine.

Green Tea Extract

Each tablet of Prime Shred contains 500mg of Green Tea Extract which provides caffeine and also acts as booster for all antioxidants in the body. Green Tea Extract helps reduce fat and especially triglycerides which are stored in the cells as fat. Green Tea Extract boosts metabolism and thereby accelerates the fat-burning process. Green Tea Extract boosts the action of hormones such as norepinephrine which are responsible for fat-burning.

Di Methyl Amino Ethanol (DMAE)

DMAE is very effective in improving and maintaining brain functions. It also helps a person to be physically active. Further, DMAE boosts cognition, focus and alertness. It also improves the production of the neurotransmitter called acetylcholine.


300mg of L-Tyrosine is present in each tablet of L-Tyrosine. This ingredient promotes the adrenaline level in the body which is very important for those who are in athletics. L-Tyrosine helps in the production of enzymes and regulates the production of thyroid hormones and melanin. L-Tyrosine helps your brain to function optimally. The user will start feeling even the tough training sessions and other tough activities easier and comfortable. L-Tyrosine boosts alertness, focus and concentration. It will rectify neurotransmitter deficiency and will also boost mental cognition.

Green Coffee

Green Coffee helps fat-burning and also helps to improve production of neurotransmitters. Green Coffee also contributes to thermogenesis and thereby enhance the fat-burning process. It boosts body metabolism and facilitates release of more energy. Each tablet contains 500mg of Green Coffee.


250 mg of L-Theanine is present in each tablet of Prime Shred. Besides facilitating fat-burning, L-Theanine helps improve focus and attention, boosts metabolism and mood levels and reduces fat absorption by the body.

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B Complex in Prime Shred tablet comprises of 15mg of Vitamin B3, 1.3mg of B6 and 24mcg of B12. All these vitamins help boost metabolism. They ensure burning of maximum quantity of carbohydrates and help fat burning and reduce tiredness.

Rhodiola Rosea Root

This is an adaptogen and helps reduce fatigue and body stress. It activates the enzymes and helps muscles perform better. It also helps release more quantity of the enzyme which is vital for breaking down the accumulated fat. Rhodiola Rosea Root ensures higher energy levels, enables the users to perform better in the training sessions and accelerates the fat-burning process. 250mg of this ingredient is present in each tablet.


Each tablet contains 5mg of Bioperine. Bioperine facilitates absorption of other ingredients of the tablet by the body.

Final word

All those who suffer because of excess body weight think a lot while choosing the best weightloss supplement. They will have reservations regarding the effect of the product and also about protection from side effects. The fact is that Prime Shred will make them successful in reducing their body weight and this weightloss supplement will give no serious side effects. Some of the ingredients may cause nausea, bloating, sleeplessness or diarrhea in some people  just because they are natural ingredients. These side effects will not be to serious levels. People who have taken Prime Shred tablets and reduced their weight had reported that Prime Shred enabled them to reduce 2 pounds in just 15 days. Females who used Prime Shred for three months could get rid of 10 – 15 pounds and are now easily maintaining their lean body. They all recommend Prime Shred to all those who are in search of a safe weightloss supplement that ensures quick and longstanding results.

Where to buy Prime Shred ?

Prime Shred can be purchased online from the official website https://primeshred.com/. One bottle of Prime Shred will cost around $50 and substantial cash discounts are available for bulk purchases.

Money-back Guarantee

Those who are not satisfied with the results in 100 days from date of purchase can inform the company and get 100% refund.


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