What is Green Coffee Bean Max?

If you came here you probably have a glimpse of what is Green Coffee Bean Max, but just in case you don’t and to be on the same page, I’ll make a short summary about the product in this Green Coffee Bean Max Review. Green Coffee Bean Max is a nutritional supplement that has a formulation based on only one active ingredient, which is green coffee bean extract.

Which are the key ingredient features?

The active principle of green coffee beans is known as chlorogenic acid, which is a compound that absorbs free radicals, acting in this way as an antioxidant. The chlorogenic acid also prevents the glucose from reaching blood stream, preventing in this way the accumulation of fat. Additionally, green coffee also helps to accelerate the metabolism preventing the accumulation of fat deposits, if sugar and fat are metabolized, then the body is able to lose weight naturally. As an antioxidant, this element helps to prevent diseases like cancer, improves blood flow, strengthens the immune system and preserves the healthy state of cells and tissues.

Why Green Coffee Bean Max makes the difference?

According to many clinical reports presented by manufacturers, this product is able to help the person to lose even four pounds in a week; of course they also explain that this result can be achieved by combining the intake of the supplement with a more active lifestyle and a healthy nutrition.

In addition, these clinical studies have also been focused on testing the safety of the product, which since is formulated with a natural ingredient, has also proven to be healthy for the research subjects, more details about these clinical studies are explained further.

How Green Coffee Bean Max Works?

The chlorogenic acid, which is the active component responsible for weight balance produced by coffee beans, is only present on green beans, once the coffee beans are roasted, this component is destroyed, and therefore a wrong assumption would be to think that roasted coffee beans can also help to lose weight.

The chlorogenic acid has a wide range of biological activity, and modern science is studying its effects related to nutrition. The chlorogenic acid constitutes an important bio-active substance which works as antiviral, antibacterial, promotes cell regeneration, increases the number of white blood cells, balances blood pressure levels, decreases fat levels in blood and finally eliminates free radicals. From the point of view of weight loss, the chlorogenic acid plays an important role by increasing the metabolism of the liver, which is responsible for releasing the glucose on blood stream and for regulating the storage of fat; also the chlorogenic acid inhibits the release of glucose in blood.

Main benefits provided by Green Coffee Bean Max

The chlorogenic acid contained on green coffee beans is a polyphenol which neutralizes many carcinogenic compounds before they can be transformed in cancer. This acid also helps to reduce the risk for cardiovascular problems by reducing the levels of homocysteine. The chlorogenic acid also helps to balance blood pressure reducing the damage to arteries and the risk of high blood pressure.

Many studies have also proved that chlorogenic acid reduces the levels of sugar, which decreases the risk for diabetes type II while at the same time promotes a healthy weight.

Side effects associated to Green Coffee Bean Max

Since this is a natural product I was not able to find reports of side effects associated to this supplement, some users report different response times, some have seen results in just a week and some begin to see results after two weeks. Other than that, nobody has reported an intoxication issue as often happens with other products.

Clinical reports about Green Coffee Bean Max

A recent clinical study on the effects of green coffee beans has been published on Diabetics, Metabolic Syndrome, & Obesity magazine, which shows an important weight loss on subjects of research. The investigators supplied 1.05 milligrams of the extract of green coffee beans to sixteen adult people with overweight problems, with ages surrounding the twenty five years. The investigators monitored the nutrition and physical activity of subjects as their weight, blood pressure and heart rate for the period of twenty two weeks.

In the case of subjects who did not applied any change on diet or physical activity, the study revealed an average weight loss of 10.5% (which is the equivalent of about seventeen pounds) of their total body weight. During that time, and up to date no side effect was reported.

A final conclusion

I’m glad I’ve been able to collect the facts and clinical findings about the Green Coffee Bean Max product, especially when it seems to be very difficult to make an objective investigation regarding a popular product.

The active ingredient of Green Coffee Bean Max formula has proven to work as a great assistance on weight loss. If you follow the instructions and recommendations provided with the product, I’m pretty sure that you will get the desired results, and the best of all, improving your overall health.

Buying Green Coffee Bean Max safety

There might be many websites offering this weight loss supplement, however in order to prevent any fraud or scam, it is highly recommended to acquire this product directly from the manufacturer, no other provider or website can offer the same or better guarantees and promotions for this product.

Some people like to purchase from Amazon, which is a valid choice for many articles except in the case of natural supplements, since Amazon does not sell this kind of products, instead Amazon relies in third parties providers and therefore takes no responsibility for the issues associated to the purchase.

The official website of the manufacturer offers a guarantee of valid for ninety days, if within that period you do not get the desired results; you can have your money back, however this return policy is not applicable to items acquired from other websites.

By the time of this post, the official website had a special offer for the six bottles pack, since you only get to pay only for the three of them and the other three come for free. I ordered a package just to confirm the reliability of the service, and I received it just seven days after. Here is the link of the official provider:



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